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Motion title
Redundancy protection for casualised workers
Meeting date
2 June 2022
Motion text

Conference notes the implications and equalities impact of the Augur report.
1. Throughout Covid 19 universities’ income has been badly hit, alongside increased investing in making facilities and processes COVID compliant
2. A reduction of £2.47 billion (reflecting the estimated decline in university income after the pandemic) could translate to 30,280 job losses (240 per institution) in HE.
3. Many casualised workers are disposed of first in these processes or lose substantial parts of work due to pandemic restructuring
4. Casualised workers often are not entitled to redundancy pay
Conference resolves to:
a. Negotiate on redundancy as priority in bargaining agenda in future disputes
b. Campaign for awareness on lack of redundancy pay or redeployment rights for casualised workers
c. Produce guidance for branches to negotiate rights to redundancy pay for casualised workers

Proposing body
Women members' standing committee (WMSC)

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