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Motion title
Oxford and Cambridge Colleges and higher education disputes
Meeting date
28 May 2023
Motion text

Conference notes:
1. The constituent colleges of Oxford and Cambridge, have historically not been involved in Higher Education sector disputes.
2. This is an unusual situation, as they conduct a large proportion of the teaching in these universities, are USS employers, and in many cases have pay linked to the national pay scales.
3. Industrial action leverage in Oxford and Cambridge is greatly reduced due to the continuation of teaching in the colleges during industrial action.
Conference resolves:
a. To construct future sector wide disputes in Higher Education in such a way that Oxford and Cambridge constituent colleges are included in the ballots and possible resulting industrial action.
b. To amend membership databases so that employees of both a university and a constituent college, have a record of this status.
c. To campaign nationally so that the constituent colleges recognise UCU.

Proposing body
University of Oxford

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