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Motion title
Challenging punitive pay deductions for ASOS
Meeting date
28 May 2023
Motion text

Conference notes:
1. Leeds University’s plan to deduct 100% pay, and Hull University’s implementation of 20% deductions for refusing to reschedule teaching missed during the Feb 2023 strikes.
2. Leeds University UCU has sought legal advice, advised members not to report their strikes via the online system and agreed to take indefinite strike action if the deductions are implemented.
3. Previous motions addressing this were passed in May 2014(remitted), May 2015, Dec 2019, June 2022.
Conference re-asserts:
a. Punitive pay deductions require a UK-wide response
Conference agrees to:
i. create a simple proforma for branches to report such threats. This should trigger an immediate UK-wide response comprising:
launch a UK-wide media offensive against the employer.
calls for all members to send objections to the offensive employer.
discussing academic boycott with the branch concerned.
ii. implement already agreed policy on this including calling UK-wide strike action.

Proposing body
Yorkshire and Humberside HE sector regional committee

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