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Strike action during marking period instead of MAB
Meeting date
28 May 2023
Motion text

HE sector conference notes with concern the escalation at local level of national MAB action by some employers by punitively deducting 100% of pay of staff participating in MAB, with others deducting lower amounts, some more and some less proportionate with the time normally spent on marking and assessment.
As a result, UCU branches have had to take local strike action given that members would not be paid anyway if 100% deductions went ahead. However, given the two-week notice required for strikes, their timing means that a lot of the assessment linked activities will have been done therefore the impact of strikes is not a high as it could have been.
HE sector conference calls for national strike action instead of MAB starting at the earliest marking and assessment date in line with when the very first deadline is set for any one university.

Proposing body
Queen Margaret University

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