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Motion title
Supporting strike action by externally funded staff: ring-fencing deducted pay
Meeting date
28 May 2023
Motion text

Conference believes that funding provided to employers by external bodies to support research and other staff should be dedicated to supporting these staff, including any pay deducted as a result of strike action.
Noting Branch Action Notice HE82, conference calls on employers to calculate the amount of external research funding not used to pay wages due to strike action and ring-fence a commensurate amount to support staff, especially those on casual contracts, in consultation with UCU.
Conference resolves to continue to support branches to formulate demands appropriate to their local circumstances regarding use of the ring-fenced funds. Approaches taken by branches may include a preference for (or combination of):
a. individual contract extensions (by no less than the number of days lost to strike action) within project budgets, or
b. the use of commensurate funds for (further) bridging/underwriting, extended notice/redeployment periods, or enhanced redundancy payments.

Proposing body
Anti-casualisation committee (ACC)

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