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28 May 2023
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Conference notes:
1. Dundee is threatening to deduct 100% for participating in the MAB
2. changes to the Academic Regulations to award degrees without marks and/or without external examiners
3. including ‘Where it is identified that External Examiners resign from post as part of their taking strike action they will not be reappointed.’
UCU believes Dundee is breaking the Scottish Government’s Fair Work Agenda and acting illegally in compiling a blacklist of trade unionists.
UCU and HE officers resolve to liaise with UCU Scotland to:
1. call on the Scottish Government to immediately enforce its Fair Work Agenda with respect to requiring Dundee University to withdraw its punitive deductions and end its blacklisting of external examiners
2. publicly ‘name and shame’ the institution.

Proposing body
Dundee University

Please note: ‘blacklisting’ is not a word UCU uses in respect of its own procedures.

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