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Motion title
USS motion on conditional Indexation
Meeting date
28 May 2023
Motion text

Conference notes:
1. HESC September 2021 passed a motion to initiate the exploration of the feasibility and promise of Conditional Indexation for the USS pension scheme.
2. recent exploratory work by USS for the JNC of UUK and UCU negotiators indicates the possibility of significant accrual improvement.
3. CI offers potential increased pensions and greater sustainability of contribution levels.
Conference believes that:
a. seeking accrual above 1/75th for affordable member contributions is in the interests of all USS members
b. Conditional Indexation has the possibility to strengthen the status of USS as an open, collective, mutual, multi-employer scheme with an ability to invest for the long term in a larger percentage of growth-seeking assets.
Conference therefore encourages UCU JNC negotiators’ engagement in preparations toward more detailed analysis and consultation in the medium-term on models of CI, with no pre-condition of ultimate acceptance.

Proposing body
University of Sheffield

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