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Motion title
USS divestment
Meeting date
28 May 2023
Motion text

Conference notes:
1. that the portfolio of public and private investments by the pension fund USS continues to invest its members’ contributions in climate-wrecking fossil fuel companies and biodiversity-wrecking utility companies;
2. that by allowing USS investments in known polluters to go unchecked, we are contributing to climate breakdown.
Conference believes:
a. in the Paris Agreement and the moral obligation of the higher education sector to contribute to climate justice.
Conference resolves:
i. to call on USS to immediately cease investments in fossil fuel companies;
ii. to demand in its negotiations with USS that a transparent and accountable body with UCU representation is formed to monitor and guide future investments so that they are invested into companies with sustainable and renewable resources and practices;
iii. to issue a public statement in support of actions, campaigns, and protests that call for no new licensing for UK oil and gas.

Proposing body
University of East Anglia

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