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Support USS Legal Action
Meeting date
28 May 2023
Motion text

Conference notes that:
1. The legal case against USS has a date set for the Court of Appeal hearing from 13th June.
2. The USS legal fund has raised £170,000, but still needs to raise the remaining £180,000 for the hearing.
3. There is wide support among UCU members for the USS legal action.
Conference believes that the decision by UCU national officers and the GS not to implement the HESC 2022 motion L5 is:
a. In breach of UCU's rules.
b. Risks a complaint to the certification officer under section 108A sub-section 2(d) of TULRCA act 1992.
Conference instructs the UCU national officers and the GS to:
i. Immediately enact the lawful decision to implement the HESC and NEC 2022 motions on support for USS legal action.
ii. Allocate the necessary funds for the USS legal action.
iii. Publicise UCU’s support for USS legal action among its membership.

Proposing body
Lancaster University

Motion HE18: As previously reported to branches, the UK officers have decided unanimously, following legal advice, that it is not possible to proceed with support for the case referred to in motion HE18 below, a decision endorsed by a majority of the union’s trustees. The motion poses too great a financial risk to the union. In light of the previous similar motion passed by HESC, CBC decided that this motion should be placed into the agenda, however, as also noted by CBC, if passed, motion HE18 will not be implemented.

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