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Motion title
Defence of the post-92 contract –no to fragmentation of post-92 work force
Meeting date
28 May 2023
Motion text

Conference notes:
1. the post-92 contract stipulates explicit maxima for teaching week and year; a 35 -days leave; 5+ weeks research and scholarly activity
2. the commitment of post-92 institutions to TPS
3. that Staffordshire and Falmouth are using a subsidiary company to employ new staff, thus circumventing commitment to TPS and fragmenting the workforce.
Conference agrees that:
a. defence of the Post-92 contract is of national importance
b. post-92 disputes are of national importance.
Conference resolves to:
i. implement motion HE14 (2022) and convene a national meeting of post-92 branches to discuss developments affecting the contract and commitment to TPS
ii. inform in writing, and via the UCU website, all post-92 members about the contract on the maximum working week and year, and the right to a minimum 5 weeks self-directed research/scholarly activity
iii. offer national support to any post-92 UCU branch facing a pensions, redundancies or conditions attack.

Proposing body
University of Westminster

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