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Conditions of casualised research staff
Meeting date
28 May 2023
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HE sector conference notes:
1. Nationally, 66% of research staff are fixed-term (HESA 2020/21). The use of fixed term contracts in research can mean that staff face insecurity and exploitation, which in turn can cause stress and anxiety beyond the workplace.
2. As part of the Four Fights, the casualisation that research staff face is of key importance in our dispute with the employer.
3. As it does not serve its members best interests, UCU is not a signatory of the current Research Concordat.
This branch proposes:
a. That HEC establish a task and finish group to explore the issues faced by casualised research staff.
b. That this task and finish group aim to develop a concordat that serves to improve security and working conditions of casualised research staff.

Proposing body
Newcastle University

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