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Motion title
Defend the Rights of Outsourced PGRs
Meeting date
28 May 2023
Motion text

Conference notes that:
1. Five motions opposing the practice of outsourcing have been passed at congress and both sector specific conferences since 2009.
2. Despite important wins, Further and Higher Education employers, including the University of Surrey, continue to outsource staff and services via third-party agencies (e.g. Unitemps) or subsidiary businesses.
Believes that:
a. Outsourcing in this way excludes PGRs from many employment rights and entitlements, including their ability to engage in industrial action or join national disputes.
b. Members require coordinated support to campaign for the eradication of outsourcing in Further and Higher Education.
Resolves to:
Support local efforts to end outsourcing through:
i. Use of national press and social media campaigning.
ii. Providing organising support to all branches wishing to submit relevant local claims.
iii. Collecting data over a six-month period from outsourced PGRs on pay rates, workload, training opportunities, welfare and recognition to support local bargaining.

Proposing body
University of Surrey

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