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Research funder
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28 May 2023
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HESC notes:
1. Job insecurity and a hyper-competitive research culture negatively impact on research integrity and wellbeing.
2. 68% of research only staff are on fixed-term contracts.
3. Universities try to justify use of insecure contracts based on insecure funding.
4. Funders and Universities vary in the degree to which they support researchers job security.
5. UCU members sit on funding review panels and review grants.
HESC resolves to:
a. Build a consensus through methods such as a researcher working group and surveys on a set of criteria which would improve job security for researchers and to which research funders and employers should adhere to.
b. Explore ways in which we can put pressure on the funders (UKRI and others) and employers to adhere to these core criteria. This should include a consideration of asking members to withdraw from participating in reviewing grants with funders that are unwilling to adhere to these criteria.

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University of Glasgow

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