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Supporting students to demand fee reimbursement around industrial action
Meeting date
28 May 2023
Motion text

Conference notes:
1. Many students and students unions are lobbying their universities for fee reimbursements for lost contact hours owing to industrial action.
2. NUS supports our industrial action as do many local students unions.
3. The chief executive of the Office for Students recently backed students' demands for refunds.
Conference believes:
a. We oppose tuition fees and the marketisation of HE.
b. Having been forced to pay tuition fees, students should not bear the further cost of our employer's unwillingness to provide reasonable pay and working conditions. Students are within their rights to complain about missed teaching.
Conference resolves:
i. To offer support and practical assistance to NUS and local students unions to demand fee refunds for teaching and wider services lost due to industrial action. This includes e.g. public statements of support.

Proposing body
Cardiff University

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