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Kick Capitalism Out Of HE!
Meeting date
28 May 2023
Motion text

Conference notes:
1. The increasing role of privatisation, profit and the market in Higher Education (HE)
2. Alongside this, we have seen increasing attacks on pay and pensions, rampant casualisation, outsourcing, course closures, redundancies, and systemic pay inequality
Conference believes:
a. This marketisation of HE and, ultimately, capitalism itself are the driving forces behind these issues that are proliferating throughout our sector
b. The only way to achieve lasting change is to tackle the root causes of issues plaguing our sector and fight for free, fully-funded HE
Conference resolves:
i. To launch a sector-wide campaign to “Kick Capitalism Out Of HE”, calling for sister unions and students to join this
i. This campaign should have the explicit goal to reverse all funding cuts; abolish tuition fees; kick out private companies and interests; and replace university bureaucracies with democratic bodies made up of HE staff and students to run universities for social good, not profit.

Proposing body
University of Sheffield

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