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Motion title
Subsidiarisation of staff at Coventry University
Meeting date
28 May 2023
Motion text

Conference notes that:
1. Since 2015, Coventry University staff have systematically been moved from core functions to subsidiaries.
2. New and promoted staff are being recruited into subsidiaries.
3. Employment in subsidiaries is on worse terms and conditions with limited career progression.
4. There is a consequential loss of professional role, academic freedom, research opportunities & trade union recognition
5. Profits are gift-aided back to the University.
Conference believes that:
a. Academic roles are being systematically privatised for profit.
b. Students should be taught by academic subject specialists employed directly by the university.
c. Subsidiarisation impacts academic freedom, terms and conditions of employment and job security. This “business” model is a serious threat to the wider HE sector.
Conference resolves to:
i. condemn the model of subsidiarisation especially at Coventry University.
ii. call on UCU to mount a national campaign to fight against the subsidiarisation of Higher Education of the form instigated by Coventry University.

Proposing body
Coventry University

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