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Building a National Campaign for Recognition in Study Group
Meeting date
28 May 2023
Motion text

Conference notes:
1. The proliferation of outsourced private education providers in UK HE represents a clear threat to terms and conditions.
2. UCU has taken big steps forward in one provider (Study Group) with the successful recognition campaign at Sussex International College and the first ever strike in an outsourced higher education provider in the UK at the University of Sheffield International College, which secured a pay award of 10% for staff and 8% for managerial staff over two years.
3. Ongoing grassroots efforts to win recognition in further Study Group institutions.
Conference resolves:
a. To begin a campaign for national recognition in Study Group.
b. To remind branches in institutions which Study Group has agreements with that it is UCU policy to support staff in private providers to unionise.
c. To instruct HE Officers to attempt to initiate discussions with Study Group on a national recognition agreement.

Proposing body
University of Sheffield International College

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