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Motion title
Navigating bureaucratic processes in HE
Meeting date
28 May 2023
Motion text

Conference notes that many common university workplace processes (e.g. promotion and probation, procedures surrounding fixed-term contracts) can be complex and hard to navigate, especially for disabled and neurodivergent members (further disadvantaging them).
Conference resolves to develop process-specific, fully accessible resources that include:
1. A brief overview of any relevant legislation, negotiated agreements and sector norms that underlie any individual institution’s policies.
2. A checklist of questions to ask and issues to look out for in your own employer’s policies and procedures.
3. Case studies and/or practical hints and tips from other members who have been through similar processes.
4. A dedicated document and/or webpage on navigating university bureaucracy, which will also link to any similar information that has already been produced.
5. Guidance for branches on developing similar resources on employer-specific policies.

Proposing body
Disabled members' standing committee (DMSC)

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