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Equalities, the cost of living, and HE industrial work
Meeting date
28 May 2023
Motion text

Conference notes:
1. the cost of living crisis as an added threat to our incomes which are already reduced by years of real value pay cuts
2. that vulnerable groups like women take on roles as the 'shock absorbers' of this crisis and of 13 years of austerity on their households and families
3. that low pay and insecure employment are worsened by the intersectional impacts of gender, race, sexuality, disability and migrant status
4. that equality issues are central to industrial campaigns on HE pay and pensions
Conference expects HEC, HE negotiators, and HE branches to ensure that
a. equality issues are at the forefront of all HE industrial work
b. our campaigning, bargaining, and publicity material highlights the issues noted above and is directed at all membership groups facing equality injustices
c. the views and interests of our equality groups are sought when planning HE campaigns and other industrial work.

Proposing body
Women members' standing committee (WMSC)

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