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Motion title
UCURising, Four Fights and LGBT+ Pay Gaps
Meeting date
28 May 2023
Motion text

HESC notes the
a. success of Four Fights and UCU Rising disputes in raising the profile of gender, ethnicity and disability pay gaps in HEIs
b. lack of data collection on sexual orientation and gender identity by HESA and varied data available around LGBT+ staff at HEIs
c. historic and contemporary reasons why LGBT+ staff may not feel confident that it would be safe to disclose their sexual orientation or gender identity in the workplace
d. LinkedIn commissioned poll showing a UK-wide LGBT+ pay gap of 16%
HESC resolves for
a. UCU to lobby HESA for better data collection on LGBT+ identities
b. UCU to lobby OfS and UCEA on improving safety and confidence to support data collection
c. UCU to add LGBT+ pay gap to HE industrial campaigning
d. UCU to conduct research to better understand LGBT+ pay gaps in HE.

Proposing body
LGBT+ members' standing committee (LGBT+MSC)

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