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Motion title
Levelling up FE
Meeting date
28 May 2023
Motion text

Conference notes:
1. The reclassification of FE as part of the public sector.
2. The disparity of pay and conditions agreements across the FE sector.
Conference believes that:
a. The reclassification of FE provides an opportunity to fight for parity with schools over pay, conditions and a nationally binding bargaining framework.
b. A nationally binding bargaining framework agreement would be a step towards the levelling up of the sector.
c. Now FE is classified as public sector then we must at least have the same bargaining agreements as schools.
d. The government/employers will not voluntarily implement an England-wide binding bargaining agreement.
e. They will only do so when they see members are prepared to take strike action to force them to implement an agreement.
f. Not having a binding England-wide bargaining agreement in place must not be a reason to delay action or preparations for action to achieve this goal.
Conference resolves:
i. Call on UCU to publicise amongst members why a nationally binding bargaining framework agreement is key to levelling up the sector.

Proposing body
City and Islington College Camden Road

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