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Motion title
Campaign for parity with sixth form colleges
Meeting date
28 May 2023
Motion text

FESC notes:
1. 6th form colleges and colleges in Wales have national agreements way more favourable than FE.
2. Students at 6th form college are taught by a teachers on more money with fewer teaching hours.
3. It still should be an aspiration of all FE colleges to have nationally agreed terms and conditions through national bargaining.
4. The teaching staff in FE must be treated fairly and to have pay parity.
5. This resolution is to extend the Respect FE agenda for national bargaining.
FESC resolves:
a. That UCU start a national bargaining campaign, including advertising, that brings FE to the fore because of its essential role in training young people for work in this era of skills shortages.
b. To launch a campaign to lobby parliament and the DFE to address and highlight the crisis in recruitment of specialised staff, the loss of experienced teachers, and the critical shortage of teachers to teach the needs of a skilled workforce
c. Colleagues to write to MPs including the Education Secretary to ask for FE to be better funded, staff to be treated fairly and given conditions of employment the same as those in 6th form colleges
d. parity of pay between the sectors has been campaigned on before during the time of the IFL and UCU should renew that call again
e. create a fact sheet for campaigning in branches for parity of pay for the Post 16 sectors
f. to send more solidarity messages to NEU comrades in their struggle for better pay

Proposing body
The Manchester College

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