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Disabled members and casualised contracts in further/adult/prison education
Meeting date
28 May 2023
Motion text

Conference notes:
1. 60% of FE colleges use zero-hours contracts to deliver teaching.
2. UCU research found that staff on insecure contracts in FE are holding down multiple jobs and visiting food banks. The pandemic exacerbated this situation.
3. Our members are in a cost-of-living crisis, yet the disability pay gap widened (TUC 2022) and UCU research found that 72% of staff on insecure contracts in FE said they struggled to even exist.
Conference believes:
a. The lack of reasonable adjustments is endemic in precarious employment.
b. This is exacerbated by the lack of agreement about what a ‘reasonable adjustment’ is under the Equality Act
Conference calls on the UCU to:
i. Undertake research on the current state of play post Covid
ii. Link the findings with our other equalities strands
iii. Ensure that disabled members are fully represented in UCU campaigns about casualised working

Proposing body
Disabled members' standing committee (DMSC)

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