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Motion title
FE campaign for establishing long covid as a disability
Meeting date
28 May 2023
Motion text

Conference notes:
1. 2022 Employment Tribunal decision in the case of Burke v Turning Point Scotland (2021) that long covid satisfies the test for a disability
2. TUC’s campaign to get long covid recognised as such
3. EHRC does not automatically class long covid as a disability
4. The number of young people completing apprenticeships in 2020 fell by nearly 1/3 and the number starting them fell by 46%
Conference believes:
a. A pilot survey in FE should be undertaken
b. Long covid should be classed as a disability
Conference calls on the UCU to:
i. Collate evidence of how long covid affects our members in FE
ii. Link this work with the Joint Protocol and model agreements with employers
iii. Organise a joint conference with sibling unions, to publish our findings and launch a campaign to persuade employers to recognise the real impact of long covid

Proposing body
Disabled members' standing committee (DMSC)

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