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Motion title
Impact of cost of living crisis on FE Black members mental health
Meeting date
28 May 2023
Motion text

Conference notes:
1. A clear link between racism, low pay and mental health
2. As inflation increases, Black members in FE face more hardship
3. Black members in FE are usually in low paid work, on casualised, precarious and zero-hour contracts
4. Their ethnic background, age, gender, disability and immigration status make them more vulnerable to cost-of-living crisis.
5. ‘People Like Us’ research shows that Black People are paid 84% of their white counterparts.
6. Black Members in FE experience widespread indirect workplace discrimination
7. Some are treated differently because they come from continents with different degrees
8. This all impacts FE Black members’ mental health.
Conference undertakes to:
a. Provide a culturally suited, easily/readily accessible talking therapy to protect the mental health of Black members, outside of their workplace
b. Compel the Government to publish data on the disproportionate impact of the cost-of-living crisis on Black people.

Proposing body
Black members' standing committee (BMSC)

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