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Motion title
Supporting trans and non-binary people in FE
Meeting date
28 May 2023
Motion text

Conference notes that:
1. under 18s attend FE colleges for wellbeing support including disaffection with schools
2. SRE curricula is subject to anti-LGBT+ pressure
3. LGBT+ young people can already find school environments difficult
4. draft change in NHS guidance away from gender-affirming care for under 18s
Conference further notes that:
a. hormone blockers can be important for young trans and non-binary people
b. draft NHS guidance identifies social transition (self-identity) as a psychological issue that warrants medical / psychological intervention rather than self-declaration (
Conference believes that:
i. FE should be a supportive place for exploring LGBT+ identity
ii. FE colleges provision should be fully LGBT+ inclusive
Conference resolves to:
A. support and defend self-determination
B. continue to advocate for under 18s to be free to self-identify as LGBT+
C. oppose change away from gender-affirming care for under 18s in the NHS
D. provide resources for branches to push for LGBT+ inclusion in FE

Proposing body
LGBT+ members' standing committee (LGBT+MSC)

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