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Ofsted inspections must go
Meeting date
28 May 2023
Motion text

On behalf of UCU, Conference sends condolences to the friends, family and students of Ruth Perry.
Conference believes:
1. professional educators should be able to work in a supportive and developmental environment that encourages values of collaboration, knowledge exchange and consensus building
2. there is no place in education for bullying, intimidation, and fear
3. Ofsted inspections are the cause of great harm and danger to all who work in FE.
Conference resolves to:
1. call for the abolition of Ofsted inspections in FE
2. campaign for a root and branch review of the Ofsted inspection methodology and practice, and call for a risk assessment of the current inspection regime
3. lobby the UK government and work with sister unions to secure our aims
4. identify alternative models of inspection based on collaboration and developmental approaches
5. support branches and members as part of this campaign.

Proposing body
Trafford College Group

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